Winter has left the building!!!

I am so glad that the bitter cold has gone. maybe not for good, but for the most part winter has gone north. I just cannot wait till my tulips start blooming. I don’t know yet how I will be doing my garden this year. I will plant more gladiolas, but besides that, I’m still undecided. If anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know.

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Beware of Craigslist

I recently went on craigslist to look for a used automobile. I saw this BMW that was totally rad, the price was in my price range, I emailed this person that I was interested in the auto they had for sale and I gave them a phone number to contact me at and asked them to call. I waited all day and never heard back, I rechecked Craigslist and the ad had been removed so I figured that they had sold the vehicle. two days after I had emailed them I received an email from this person. They gave me a story about how they were in London, England, that he had been sent there to work out some differences we(The United States) had with London, and that his wife came over to be with him bringing the BMW with her, but that they couldn’t get it licensed there without having to pay big money, So they were willing to sale it to me and that they would ship the car to me at no cost to me to look over for 10 days, that we would do this transaction over e-bay so that we were both protected. they said that even if I did not want the car, that they were sure that they could find a buyer here where I lived so I wouldn’t have to ship the car back to them. I didn’t fall for this. I knew that there was something wrong, the price was too low for this car for one,  second, why ship it here, when they could have gotten what they wanted for the auto there. So I just never contacted them again. well, I was still looking for a automobile when about a day later I noticed this ad for another auto, I thought that the price was too cheap, but I emailed them, and low and behold, they didn’t call, instead they emailed me back with the story that they were a photographer and that they had been called to do this shoot where there was no phone service and she went on to state that we would go through ebay that way we would both be covered. I had said that I wanted to see and hear this auto run, but she said that the nature of her shoot wouldn’t let that be possible. I guess she thought I just fell off the turnip wagon or something, that I would actually send money to an account and not even be able to see this auto or hear it run. Everyone knows it is tax time and they will try to scam you any way they can. I just hope that no one fell for their scheme.  You have to be on guard at all times…….

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I am so sick of this snow and cold. When will Spring be here….

These temperatures are so very cold, I once foolishly thought that I wanted to go to Alaska, I now know that I wouldn’t enjoy it. I can’t stand the hot temperatures of summer, but this bone freezing cold stays with you until you feel as if you are never going to be warm again. UGH! I’d much rather deal with the heat by using air. When I was a little younger, I could handle any kind of weather.  I just hope that this cold will go away soon.

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This is a very special day in America, we remember those who gave what they had so that we could keep what we have. These people are special, they have seen horrors, they have kept the faith that this is a country worth fighting for. They do not think about medals when they are in combat, they think about coming out alive so they can return to the country they love. These people deserve our highest regards, they deserve to come home with all the people cheering for them. Some want to protest the war, fine, but DO NOT protest the very people who make it possible for you to protest, they do not want war either, but when our country needs them they are there. They are not the ones who declare war, they are the ones who end wars. So give them all the respect you have, whether you believe in this war or not. They have put their lives on the line for you. I Love You Veterans!!!    THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US!!!

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Is College really the answer?????

Are all those who attend college really getting their moneys worth? You have to take classess that are surpose to perpare you for the career of your choice. But does it really do that? Maybe it is according to what career you choose. I know my fellow classmates feel the way I do. We entered college with high hopes of attaining better jobs, we’ve taken the classes we were told to, we worked hard to pass these classes only to be told now that there is really very little chance of us obtaining the job we are studying for. What are we to do now? we are not young , so do we change our course now and take more classes to obtain another job?  Do we trust them to steer us toward a goal of a better job, or do we just take any job to get by?  I work part-time and attend college and I am verly making it. I just cannot afford to keep on attending college, that time I spend at college is time I could spend at another part-time job making money to make ends meet.  I thought I would attend college for about 2years or so, and then be able to obtain a better job. From what I have been told, I could have forgone college and got the same job that the certificate would get me.

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I’m back!!!

Hi I am sorry it has taken me this long to get back to my blog site.

I have been very busy.  If anyone out there reads this, Thank you for giving me another look at.  I’m going to college, this is my second year. I started out wanting to be a medical coding biller, I only have 4 more classes to take, but my current teacher has explained to the class that no one is willing to hire a  bill coder unless they have experience, and the courses that we are required to take does not begin to prepare us to take the certified test.  So now I’m wondering, why did they make us take these courses if we wouldn’t be able to get a job or be ready to take the test to get certified? I’m going to ponder this for a little bit…  If anyone out there has any useful advice or insight please let me hear from you….

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Life Sucks!!!!

I decided last year to go to college and try to better myself. I am in my 2nd year with 4 classes to go. the teacher I have now informed us that we most likely would not get a job in our field, unless we had experience, our field is Medical coding & billing. that the courses we are taking would not prepare us to take the  test to get certified. that the technical certificate we get would help us get a job in a medical setting like answering phones or some kind of job like that. I didn’t have to go to college to get a job like that. So now I’m mad, and I just do not know what to do. Is all this for nothing?  did I waste 2 years of my life?? I’m here to tell you, watch out for advisors who just want the more student count. research what you want to do yourself…….

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This Site Is Under Construction, Going WhereEver My Thoughts May Take Me, Your Welcome To Come Along For The Ride, And Send Me Your Thoughts ……

  This Site is under construction. I have no idea where this construction will take me. Feel free to come along see where it all begins and ends. My thoughts will be different, I may jump from one subject to another totally different subject. I would like your input. I may not agree with you and you may not agree with me, but who cares, isn’t that how the world works?  Hope to hear from you on this journey……
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